The Corinth Canal project defies a complex geography

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This plan, prepared in 1883 by the engineers of the Société Internationale du Canal Maritime de Corinthe, describes how to cut through the Isthmus of Corinth and the different phases in the project. Comprised of geological sections and topographical sketches, the document made it possible to locate the work and to visualise its duration.

The Comptoir d’Escompte de Paris was one of the banks organising the ‘s initial public offering of the company in charge of cutting through the Isthmus and held the lead role in financing this project.
The work in the Isthmus of Corinth, started between May 1882 and December 1883, fell substantially behind schedule due to the complex geology of the land and financial difficulties (dissolution of the Société Internationale pour le Canal Maritime de Corinthe). The Corinth Canal was finally inaugurated in 1893.

BNP Paribas Historical Archives
BNP Paribas Historical Archives
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