The finalists of the History Youtubers Prize 2021 count on your votes!

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"History Youtuber Award by BNP Paribas", 2021

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Behind the history Youtube channels “Je révise avec toi”, “L’opératorium – secrets d’ateliers”, “Questions d’Histoire”, “Parlons Ystoire”, “Histoire en jeux” and Thomas Laurent are the 6 nominees for the 4th edition of the History Youtubers Prize, of which BNP Paribas is a founding partner. Find out how these History 2.0 passers-by inspire the public through their original works and choose your favourite candidate.

A successful, eclectic and high quality 2021 general selection

The growing success of the Prize among the Youtubers’ community in history is confirmed. This year, nearly 60 video artists presented their original work for the competition, compared to 32 for the previous edition. The 2021 harvest, which is increasingly based on historical sources and explores various fields of the humanities and social sciences, bears witness to the professionalization of the youtubers.

Discover the nominated videos and vote on the Prize website

L’opératorium – secrets d’ateliers, FROM RED…TO BLUE! The forgotten symbolism of colours

Questions d’Histoire, How did the United States develop after the Civil War?

Parlons Ystoire, The world’s biggest arms dealer (Basil Zaharoff)

Histoire en jeux, Historical monuments in video games

Je révise avec toi, The Industrial Revolution

Thomas Laurent, ÖTZI – Murder in prehistory?

From 15 October to 15 November 2021, vote for your favourite video on the website:

Participate in the awards evening

If you would like to attend the Jury and Audience Awards ceremony on 19 November 2021 at the UGC Versailles, please register on the event website. This year, the jury is chaired by Bruno Solo, actor, director and history enthusiast.

Register for the awards ceremony on the History Youtubers Prize website..

Bruno Solo – Photo by Manuel Cohen

Did you know?

Four years ago, the association Histoire de Lire, which organises the Salon du Livre d’Histoire de Versailles, and the Archives & History department of BNP Paribas co-created this unique event aimed at rewarding the hosts of French YouTube channels whose objective is to transmit history. For BNP Paribas, the aim is to support the development of young talent and innovative creators in the field of historical popularisation.

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