Discover “ATM-Stories”, the Podcast that takes you behind the scenes and reveals little-known facts in the history of BNP Paribas

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Comme D.A.B, distributeur d'anecdotes bancaires

"Comme D.A.B." - Banking Trivia Distributor

Did you know that the bank’s history is full of unusual facts and unsuspected moments, such as the civil marriage of Josephine de Beauharnais and Napoleon Bonaparte in 1796 at the current BNP Paribas operational headquarters, or the appearance of the actor Fernandel on the staff of the Banque Nationale de Crédit in 1915? Each month, the Group’s Archives & History Department invites you to discover these unique stories in the “ATM Stories – Always Telling More”.

An audio appointment with the history of BNP Paribas

ATM- Stories is the new podcast to be listened to anywhere and at any time that tells you in 5 to 10 minutes the little-known facts of the history of the bank throughout the world, based on its 2 centuries of historical archives.

Broadcast during the commemoration of the anniversary of the 1918 Armistice, the first episode in English of this series takes us on a journey through the archives of the Great War, which shows the role of French banks in financing the war effort. Relive the patriotic enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the banks’ communication campaigns around national loans !

Discover how the bank supported its customers in the transition to Euro

Rediscover the role of French banks in financing the first World War effort

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