[PODCAST ATM STORIES] Tabulating machine operators: women who transformed the banking system

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In this episode of the ATM stories podcast, discover the tabulating machine rooms behind-the-scenes, where women operators are busy with the sustained rhythm and the incessant sound of the machines.

From the start of the last century, women took part in the transformation of banks’ working methods, which made them icons of the mechanical revolution and mass information processing. Focus on the career paths of these remarkable employees.

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Up until the 1880s, bank employees were exclusively male. But the creation of new administrative departments – never in direct contact with customers – coincided with the first hiring of women in the major financial establishments.

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Like other rights, such as the right to pass the baccalaureate or the right to vote, women’s rights in banking, whether as employees or customers, have been slow to be recognized, whether to work, open an account, save or spend their money freely.

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