I’m the one who counts: BNP and women

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This photo shows a bus shelter panel in France, with the advertising poster “I’m the one who counts” that BNP distributed in 1978 aimed at women.

Ten years after its first publicity campaign targeting female customers and 13 years after the law of 13 July 1965 allowing married women to freely open a bank account, BNP dedicated one of the slogans of its brand image campaign to women: “BNP… a bank where women count.”

The objective is to emphasize the use of banking services by women, who represent 51% of the French population more than 18 years old and who increasingly exercise a remunerated activity. Accordingly, in 45% of the cases, when women hold a chequeing account, it is a joint account with their spouse and they don’t use it effectively. Consequently, this category of customer presents a real business development potential for BNP. Moreover, this position is consistent with the actions that BNP has developed for many years like its participation in a survey of women and the management of the family budget, the publication of a brochure titled “I do my accounts in 3 minutes per day” or even the insertion of specific financial questions in women’s magazines

BNP advertisin campaign “I am the one who count” displayed in 1978 – BNP Paribas Historical Archives
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