BNP Paribas presents: the incredible Mrs. Net in “I consult my accounts for free”

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This poster by BNP Paribas presents Mrs. Net, a robot fitted with a screen that customers can use to consult their accounts for free. This publicity also shows the name of the Bnpparibas.Net Group’s remote banking currency swap, which in 2003 replaced the former BNP Net, launched in 1997 by BNP.

In 2006 BNP Paribas’ remote banking portal,, passed the one million monthly users milestone, whereas in 2003 it counted 300,000 users per month. In barely four years, this currency swap really took off, becoming the unique entry point on the web for the Group’s customers. If access to BNP Net and was payable, starting in 2006 the bank adapted to the market by establishing free online consultation of accounts. Only transactional operations – transfers, stop payments, stock market transactions – were charged.

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