When BNP, Disneyland Paris and Le Journal de Mickey made young people aware of the Euro

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In 1998, while the main economic players had two years to support their clients towards the new single currency, the bank and its two partners designed “Le Journal de Mickey” (Mickey mouse) mini-Journal dedicated to learning about the euro. With a circulation of 3 million copies in French throughout the France, this initiative proved to be one of the largest campaigns to raise young people’s awareness of the Euro conducted at that time. The project is also in line with the various initiatives launched by BNP for young people since 1969.

Free of charge, the 20-page Mickey Mouse mini-Journal, entitled “The euro is easy”, was distributed from 7 December 1998 to the 2050 BNP branches in France. It was also distributed to all young people visiting Disneyland Paris Park. An English version was also proposed from January.

Designed in partnership with BNP’s Euro experts and the Mickey Mouse Journal, this edition aims to explain the new single currency in a fun and educational way to young audiences. For example, the newspaper has four teaching pages entitled ‘Claire and Bruno’, games and wags by pupil Ducobu with the single currency as its red thread, and an 8-page comic strip by the junior Beaver entitled ‘Soup aux sous’. In addition, a contest with questions about the Euro allows at least 18 years to win 1000 annual passports for Disneyland.

Pages from Le Journal de Mickey designed by BNP and its partners -1998, reference 57AH108, BNP Paribas Historical Archives

This action is in line with the Bank’s sustained programme to support its professional and individual customers in their transition to the euro. The bank has thus deployed various mediation mechanisms, both permanent and temporary, within its network of agencies such as its Eurokiosk from November 1997 and its Euro Angels.

This 1998 BNP project can now be compared with the awareness of financial education that BNP Paribas has deployed to young audiences in partnership with Bayard editions, as part of Global Money Week 2024. Proximity to young people has remained a major concern for BNP Paribas since the late 1960s, as evidenced by the actions that have marked the bank’s history.

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